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This Page is for other Breeders we

know and Trust that may have

puppies available - see below


Text Box: HAZEL
Text Box: Hazel is a beautiful Black Brindle girl who is a wonderful mother to her puppies.

Hazel weighs 9 lbs
Text Box: HACHI
Text Box: Hachi is a very handsome black brindle parti boy. He is Imperial Jewels Nico’s son.  

Hachi weighs 10 lbs









Text Box: Hazel & Hachi’s Girl & Boy
Text Box:            IN OUR FOREVER HOMES NOW              Du
Text Box: Hazel & Hachi’s Girls
Text Box:         Mt Ranier “Rainy”              Cascade Mountain Range “Cassie”
Black Sable Girl with White                                        Red Sable Parti Girl


Text Box: Gryffin
Text Box: Pretty Gryffin is a Chocolate girl with 
hazel eyes

She weighs 12.5 lbs
Text Box: Nico
Text Box: Adorable Nico Imperial Jewels Stud throws amazing puppies

Nico weighs 7.5 lbs


Text Box: Contact us to Reserve YOUR Puppy NOW 
from this litter, another litter we have now or in the future 

Our goal is to give all of puppies a truly wonderful home and for all of our families to get the best pet ever!  We health test our parents and their parents and grandparents have been testing as well to make sure our lines do not have genetic issues that would make them unhealthy.  We feed both raw & 5 star grain free kibble. We use natural & safe worming & flea control so our puppies have a great start and are a lot less likely to have health issues and auto immune diseases.         

We also do a lot of training with our puppies from the day they are born, most you will see below.  We also put all our puppies through puppy kindergarten which most kennels, breeders and dog trainers charge an average of $400 a week for intensive stay overnight classes or $150-$400 for weekly classes. We do it for free to make sure all our puppies are the best pet they can be. Our training includes 
lots of socialization, early potty training, bite inhibition, good manners, 
crate training & some basic commands.

The special training we do for our puppies make them ideal to become Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy Dogs, on average 75% of our puppies become amazing working dogs and wonderful pets.  Our puppies are $1750 and come with AKC limited Registration

All of our Havanese puppies for sale 

	· Get vet checked one or more times the last before you take them home
	· Get weighed & a health check by us daily
	· Get Handled Loved, Cuddled & Socialized daily by us, our kids, grandkids & friends
	· Start Potty Training on potty pads at 3 weeks so will be 90% potty pad trained when they leave
	· Crate training started at 5-6 weeks using open crates so they are very used to them when they leave
	· Treated with Diatomaceous Earth for a safe non chemical way to treat fleas & worms 
	· Learn more here:  http://www.earthworkshealth.com/pets-animals.php 
	· Do Early Neurological Stimulation to give your puppy a healthier start, info found here: 
	· Get safest vaccinations for their age per Dr. Jean Dobbs see info here: 
	       http://drjeandoddspethealthresource.tumblr.com/post/66693331640/dodds-dog-vaccination-protocol-2013-	      			       2014#.VDcHsfldV8F
	· Get Biotinus testing at birth (like an Apgar score for babies), we also do Volhard testing at 7 weeks 	which gives you a good look at their personalities and what kind of pet they will be and if there are any 	areas we need to work on before they go to their forever home.

All puppies will come to you with:

1)    LG ziplock bag of Merrick Backcountry puppy food 
2)    sm ziplock bag of freeze dried raw dog food their other main food we feed once a day
3)    2 Best Bully Sticks standard odor free bully sticks
4)    baby blanket that smells like mom & sibs        
5)    Ball
6)    Stuffed Animal toy that smells like mom & sibs to cuddle with & feel safe
7)    Braid Chew
8)    Chew toy
9)    2 Potty Pads
10)  XXS soft step in harness (they are really hard to find so I want to make sure you have them)
11)  4’ leash for proper walking training
12)    Havanese book
13)   One month of pet health insurance
14)   Microchipped 
15)    AKC registration paperwork
16)    Pedigree
17)  NEW Puppy booklet
18)  Contract with medical records & health guarantee
19)  Copy of shots record from vet
20)   AKC folder
21)   NuVet vitamins & pamphlet
22)   Baggy of DE (Diatomaceous Earth)
23)   Email with over 80 articles about puppies and training 
   24)    Lifetime support

Contact us to fill out an application 
or get a copy of our puppy contract and health guarantee 

We strive to find wonderful warm loving homes for all our puppies and reserve the right not to sell
a puppy if we do not feel it is in the puppies best interest.

PHONE or TEXT:  360-510-7601
EMAIL:  juliannakc@yahoo.com
Text Box: The Above Breeders believe in raising and training puppies the way Imperial Jewels Does that’s why we trust them to have great puppies!
Text Box: Visit Imperial Jewels Previous Puppy Page to see what puppies may look like
Text Box: Gryffin with her last litter of puppies with Nico









Text Box: Gryffin & Nico’s Girls
Text Box: Text Box: The below list is what Imperial Jewels does for training and what their puppies come with.  The above breeders training is very similar but what comes with the puppies may vary
Text Box: Hazel & Hachi with their puppies from last litter
Text Box: Text Box: McAllister’s Happy Havanese 
Kent, WA

Hazel Ann McAllister
Imperial Jewels Sir Hachi McAllister

Puppies are HERE! 
The Mountain litter born June 8, 2019
In Our Forever Homes nowExamples of Gryffin x Nico pupsText Box: Molly                         Minerva                   Teddy                         Lily
Text Box: Gryffin & Nico Boys

   Mt Everest “Evie”             Dakota Mountains Mt Rushmore “Dakota

   Chocolate Parti Girl                                   Black Sable Boy with white

Pups due 
Summer 2019Watch for pups 
that look like us 
Summer 2019