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Text Box: Havanese are among the sweetest of the toy-size breeds. They are wonderful family oriented dogs that are hypoallergenic, non-shedding, mellow and minimal barkers. Their fun-loving play and joyful antics will keep you entertained, and their love and devotion will warm your heart. They love to run and play with you just as much as they love to cuddle up on your lap and read a book or watch TV, they just enjoy being with you.

Havanese are gentle, playful, affectionate and very intelligent.  They become very attached to their human family and are excellent with children.  Exercise requirements are minimal-moderate.  They come in lots of colors and markings, their coats for show are left long and flowing but for easier care their coat can be clipped short into a puppy cut, if left long it should be thoroughly brushed and combed 4-5 times a week.  Havanese weigh 7 to 20 lbs. and stand 8.5”-11.5" at the shoulders. They are much sturdier than most toy breeds which makes them ideal for families.
Text Box: Havanese are considered a toy breed, which makes you think that they are petite and delicate. But even though they are in the toy breed category, they are not fragile and will give you and your children many hours of fun play. Their coat is beautiful and unique to the breed and is remarkably soft with a light texture, making them wonderful cuddle mates.

Because of the cheerful and easily trained nature of the Havanese, they are used for a variety of jobs involving the public, including: Therapy dogs, Service dogs, performing dogs, mold & termite detection and tracking. They also are very agile and enjoy dog sports such as Agility, Fly ball, Musical Canine Freestyle and Obedience Training. Click on our Available puppies pages above to see our Havanese puppies for sale.


Text Box: Havanese are great with other animals, here is a picture of our dog Giselle taking care of her “bunny kids”  she also is the babysitter for the other females when they have litters.  If introduced early Havanese puppies and dogs will get along with pretty much any other animal.
Text Box: Havanese are also WONDERFUL with children. This is a picture of our 17 month old Granddaughter Chloe playing with a litter of 6 week old puppies.  They are so sweet and gentle with her there is never a worry or an issue.  We taught her to be soft with the puppies, and she does great.  Havanese puppies are much mellower than most puppies they are very rarely hyper and always gentle.  We also teach all of our puppies to “mouth” softly letting them bite on our fingers from a very young age before teeth come in and until they leave letting them know if they bite too hard we say OUCH loudly and take away the fingers for a few seconds, most of the time they will kiss you to say sorry for biting a bit too hard and will go back to “mouthing” more gently .  Havanese like all puppies love kids but I know I would never have trusted another breed with a toddler, but with these guys no worries I know they will be very gentle with her.


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Text Box: Welcome to Imperial Jewels Havanese website 

We chose the name Imperial Jewels, as Havanese were pets to the royal and rich families in Cuba, and are precious rare little Jewels that are still relatively unknown to the public but are fast becoming more popular as people find out just how wonderful they truly are. Havanese are Hypoallergenic dogs and do not shed. 

If you are looking for a Havanese Puppy, we have puppies for sale now or will soon. Please click above on our Available Puppies 1 page and our Available Puppies 2 page to see our Havanese puppies for sale or adoption now or when our next litter is due.

We are a Reputable Havanese Breeder near Bellingham, WA which is about 80 miles north of Seattle, WA in Washington state. We only have 2-3 breeding female Havanese at a time and they are our babies and live in our home with us and sleep in the bed with our kids. They are either cuddled on our laps or playing with our kids or grandkids and never ever would we put our precious babies or their babies in a kennel. Dogs are pack animals and their human families are part of their pack, so they need to be with us.  

We breed first for health and temperament as we want all our puppies to be lifelong best friends in their forever homes. All of our dogs are health tested for Eyes, Hips, Patella's (knees) and Hearts. We are very picky about our studs & studs we use as well and make sure they too are health tested and are a good match for our sweet girls.  We only use the most recent vaccination protocols which include only two puppy shots (never 3) and use titers to see if they need more vaccinations at all. Vaccinations have been extremely over used and have caused health issues for many dogs especially small breeds.  We also only use half vaccinations for our puppies as most vets give the same dose to a teacup poodle as they give to a mastiff, which cannot be a good thing for smaller breeds they are getting way too much. We use all natural and organic whenever possible for everything we give our dogs.

All of our Havanese puppies come with a 2 to 5 year Health Guarantee as we are sure they will be wonderful healthy pets for many years to come.

To learn more about all the specialized training we do with all of our puppies to make sure you get the best possible pet, please read about everything we do and send with our puppies at the bottom of the Available Puppies 1 and Available Puppies 2 pages.

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